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This native of Indian subcontinent is perfect for a pulao or biryani giving a distinct nutty flavor to the dishes. The firm texture, flavor, and pointy ends make basmati rice popular for all occasions. SITCO exports premium quality basmati rice with numerous health benefits as well.

  • High quality basmati rice at affordable prices
  • Extra-long basmati grains with a distinct flavor
  • Discounts on bulk orders

Features of SITCO’s export quality basmati rice

  • Long and slender grains with a rich aroma
  • Delicate curve, wonderful taste, and soft texture
  • Length to breadth ratio is greater than 4.3 mm

Benefits of Basmati rice

  • It’s ideal for diabetics
  • It helps to maintain a healthy weight.
  • It can promote heart health.
  • It’s a great digestion/constipation aid.
  • Ability to prevent cancer cell formation.
  • It can lower blood pressure.
  • It promotes healthy brain function.