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South Asian and Indian cuisines typically use basmati rice. India produces two-thirds of the world’s Basmati rice. You can serve the rice with curries, cooked meat, or use it as a foundation for biryani. It is generally spiced with turmeric or saffron in order to give the rice its yellow color. This native of the Indian subcontinent gives adistinct nutty flavor to the dishes. The firm texture, flavor, and pointy ends make basmati rice popular for all occasions. SITCO exports premium quality basmati rice with numerous health benefits as well.


We specialize in exporting premium quality basmati rice rich in nutrients. With its extra-long grains and irresistible taste, we produce the highest-quality basmati rice. It is cultivated in the cleanest environment possible, ensuring the best quality of basmati rice produced. In addition to offering competitive prices, we also offer attractive discounts on bulk orders.


Features of SITCO’s export quality basmati rice


Long and slender grains with a rich aroma

Delicate curve, wonderful taste, and soft texture

Length to breadth ratio is greater than 4.3 mm

High quality, affordable prices

Extra-long basmati grains with a distinct flavor

Discounts on bulk orders


Benefits of Basmati rice


It helps to regulate blood sugar and is ideal for diabetics

Basmati rice has a low glycemic index and helps to maintain a healthy weight.

It can promote heart health.

It is rich in fiber and is a great digestion/constipation aid.

Basmati rice can prevent cancer cell formation.

It can lower blood pressure.

It promotes healthy brain function.