Pulses are the edible seeds of legumes. These crops usually produce between one and twelve seeds per year. The term pulses are only used for crops that are harvested as dry grains, distinguishing them from other vegetables harvested at green stages. Pulses are becoming more popular among those who are avoiding animal products while maintaining a healthy diet and have several advantages over other foods. 

Pulses are packed with protein, nutrients, vitamins, iron, zinc, minerals, and are cholesterol-free. In addition to providing starch, pulses also contain fibre. Particularly in regions where meat and dairy are accessible, they serve as an ideal source of protein. Due to its low-fat content and high content of soluble fiber, pulses can reduce cholesterol levels and lower blood sugar. Because of these benefits, health organizations recommend them to treat lifestyle diseases, including diabetes and heart disease. Also, pulses may be effective in combating obesity.

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