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Industrial raw materials are metal or nonmetal products that are used in various industries. They include metals, alloys, plastics, fibres, ceramics, minerals, and other products. A wide range of metals is used to fabricate parts and provide structural support, including steel, aluminium, and alloy steel. For applications requiring nonconductive materials, fibreglass is a good alternative to metal. Rubber and vinyl are often used as sealants and protectors, while metals such as stainless steel are often used in medical and food processing applications. Over the past few decades, the use of industrial raw materials has increased due to the production process becoming increasingly complex. Furthermore, it is impacted by the rapid spread of technology and production requirements for diverse markets. Since industrial raw materials contribute to greater efficiency to production processes, the demand for them continues to grow.


SITCO provides industrial raw materials of high quality at affordable prices. Our experienced industry experts are always available to assist you with innovative products that will save you money. The leading products in our industrial raw materials range are soap noodles and plastic raw materials. Before we deliver the raw materials, we ensure that they have been rigorously inspected. The materials we offer come in a variety of packaging options, and we also provide international delivery.