Mineral is solid chemical compounds with well-defined chemical compositions and crystal structures found in nature in pure form. Its physical properties include hardness, lustre, colour, tenacity, cleavage, specific gravity, fluorescence, magnetism, and radioactivity.  Mineral species and groups that are abundant in rocks are referred to as rock-forming minerals. Industrial minerals are minerals and rocks of commercial value other than gemstones, metal ores, or mineral fuels. Among the most widely used industrial minerals are limestone, sand, gravel, clays, kaolin, silica, barite, potash, and pumice. 


SITCO offers the best and purified chemicals and minerals in the industry. We provide widely demanded minerals like Sulphur, Raw ilmenite, coal, and silica sand. Sulphur is used extensively in fertilizers, dyes, drugs, etc. It is a perfect solution for pest attacks. Raw ilmenite is widely used in producing air crafts, bicycle manufacturing, etc. for its strength. Silica is used for producing paints, glass, and other building products. Coal, as we all know is extensively used as fuel. SITCO offers a wide variety of coal such as steam coal, bituminous, sub-bituminous, graphite, ignite, and peat. We are always ready to provide 100% pure forms of long-lasting chemicals and minerals of unbeatable quality. Moreover, all SITCO products are standardized and guaranteed to be effective.