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SITCO specializes in the sale of coir products used in gardening and home applications. All of our coir products are made from 100% organic, coir fibers that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and provide warmth, comfort, and a relaxed setting to any environment. Our products also offer the best-in-class strength, durability, resilience and meet international standards. 

The 100% organic and eco-friendly products from SITCO have gained the trust and strong footholds in industries and plantations around the world. Our export quality coir products help the agricultural industry meet a variety of needs. Further, our coir products are made from 100% natural coconut fibers sourced from the finest plantations in India.  Our wide range of coir products ensures that all of your needs are met. Whether you’re looking for mulch for your garden or potting soil mix for growing strong roots, we have it all.

Using certified process methods and well-equipped machines, as well as the best raw materials, we manufacture a wide range of coir products suited to our customers’ needs. As a quality-driven company, we ensure that you get value for money and offer a wide range of products that include Coco peat, Seedling Cups, Mulch Mats, Grow Bags, Ropes, Coir Logs,  Poles, Basket Liners, and even Mats, Yarns, and other home furnishing products.