Coco Basket Liners

Coco basket liners have always been a perfect choice for high-level and healthy planting activities.   The liners are made with coconut husk fibres and are useful for several reasons. Besides being able to hold back water, they can slowly release it so that plant roots can better absorb it. The coconut liners are porous, and they also allow for good drainage. Additionally, they are very absorbent. Consequently, if your hanging baskets or flower pots become too dry, they will absorb water quickly. Additionally, many coconut baskets possess antifungal properties that help prevent plant disease.  It also has neutral pH and provides good drainage.

SITCO provides a wide range of coco basket liners that can be used for both indoor and outdoor planting. Our products possess lots of organic properties that help in the faster and healthier growth of plants in the basket. It has a high capacity to absorb water and is light enough to use for gardening indoors. They come in many different shapes and sizes to meet almost everyone’s needs.  You can line the inside of wire-hanging baskets and freestanding planters with coconut planter liners. By compressing coconut fibres, the coconut fibre liners hold the soil in wire baskets while adding a natural appearance.

Specifications Coco Basket Liners


Colour: Golden Brown

Material: Coconut fibre


  • Hanging baskets
  • Pots
  • Planters


  • Ease of use
  • Healthy growth of plants
  • High absorbing capacity
  • Great strength
  • Water retaining facility

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