Coco Handing Baskets

Compared with plastic or clay pots, Coco Hanging Baskets can better suit gardening needs. Biodegradable and lightweight, the product is easy to use. Coco Hanging Baskets consist of pots made from coconut coir and metal chain baskets. By retaining moisture for a longer period of time, these pots keep the plant’s cooler.  These baskets are eco-friendly and last longer than ordinary baskets. Further, the fibre in coir supports plant roots. As a result, Coco Hanging Basket guarantees the benefits of coir and promote plant growth. 

SITCO manufactures an exceptional range of natural products that satisfy your daily needs and requirements. Today, most people avoid using plastic hangers because of the harmful effect of plastic on human health. We make coco hanging basket that look very natural and are completely safe. The Coco Hanging Baskets is a mind-blowing product of SITCO and is manufactured using the finest quality coco fibres. These baskets have the ability to hold water for the maximum time period and thereby ensure healthy and strong roots. The product is also used for decorative purposes as the natural look of coir complements any interior and imparts a stylish look. Our product is available in all sizes according to the needs of clients.

Specifications of Coco Hanging Baskets

Dia: 10”, 12”, 14”

Thickness: 0.5 cm


  • Garden decoration
  • Trailing pansies
  • Begonia trailing


  • Eco-friendly
  • Highly affordable
  • Attractive
  • Bio-degradable


  • Coco lined wire basket
  • PE coated wireframe
  • Accompanied chain/wire hanger that matches the basket

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