Coir Bristle Fibre

Coir Bristle Fibre, the strongest and longest of all coir fibres, is extracted from the husk of the coconut. The bristle fibres are typically stiff, straight strands of coir fibre.  These fibres are manufactured from retted coconuts and are obtained through the process of defibering. Coir fibre is one of only a few natural fibres that are relatively waterproof and saltwater resistant. Based on the colour, there are two types of coir fibre: white and brown. Coconuts have white fibre, which is harvested from them after about ten to twelve months. The fibres are flexible and white. Typically, brown fibre is obtained from fully ripened coconuts

Among its many applications are insulation, packaging, rope manufacturing, and mechanical handlooms. In addition to using them to manufacture Coir Twine, they are also used to make special filters. Fibres made from Coir Bristle have many superior qualities, including strength, durability, and flexibility. Furthermore, these fibres are resistant to high temperatures. Spraying the coir with rubber latex bonds the fibre together. Hence, it is widely used in manufacturing different kinds of brushes.

SITCO guarantees the delivery of premium quality bristle fibres that can resist high temperatures at the lowest moisture content and has great flexibility, strength, and high durability. Coconut fibre is used in the production of Coir Twine and in manufacturing special filters. We offer coconut coir fibre with latex / without latex and promise the finest quality products.

Benefits of Bristle fibre

  • Highly flexible
  • Strong
  • Long-lasting
  • Resist high temperatures

Specifications of Coir Bristle Fibre

Colour: Natural, Bleached, Black

Length : 10 cm to 25 cm

Moisture: Below 16%


  • Insulation
  • Rope manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Mechanical handlooms
  • Weaving

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