Coir Mats Exporter Sitco India

SITCO is a leading exporter of coir tufted mats and matting from India. Our range of coco mats is designed to impart a natural look to your interiors and utilizes traditional skills and modern technology to provide you with the best of both worlds.

We manufacture the fibre mats using the best coir fibre to provide a compact brushing surface and thereby ensure that maximum dust is removed from the footwear. Replace your plastic or rubber mats with our fine eco-friendly coir mats and enjoy healthy living.

You can use coir mat both in outdoor and indoor settings and our mats come in a variety of eye-catching designs. For a simple look, we offer plain but elegant mats. There are also mats with floral or other attractive designs to complement your home or office interiors perfectly.

Our popular coir mat products

  • Non-Brush coir doormats

These doormats are made using rubber and coconut fibre. They are sturdy and neatly remove the dust and moisture from the footwear. You can also clean them easily by simple dusting them.  These mats are ideal to use in moist areas as they are skid-resistant.

  • Coir Brush Mats PVC

We combine the benefits of PVC and coir fibre to make durable doormats that lower fiber shedding. It has safe edges and has an anti-slipping effect due to the PVC backing. Our skilled professionals guarantee perfect shape and fine finish to the PVC coir brush mat for elegant interiors.

Specifications of Coir Mats:

Vinyl Backed Tufted Coir Rolls

 Vinyl Backed Natural Coir Mat

 Coir & Rubber Moulded Mats

Latex Tufted Coir Mat, etc.

The above are different varieties of coir mat that are available. 

Different specifications can be done as per customer specifications

Benefits of coir mats:

  • Strong, durable and long-lasting
  • Separates the dust particles easily from the footwear
  • Eco-friendly
  • Gives a natural and elegant look
  • Helps to maintain clean interiors

SITCO’s coir mat is available in multiple sizes, and we offer options to customize the colours and design according to your needs.

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