SITCO Coco Peat filled Coir Bag

A grow bag is a slightly or completely closed system that helps you to grow plants inside your home or in a limited space. These vegetable grow bags are a perfect solution if you wish to grow vegetables or other plants during cold seasons. Grow bags contain naturally poised and mechanically cultured means that consist of palm fiber, composted organic elements, and absorbable growth fertilizers. It is an ideal nursery bag for plants. 

Grow bags are a great way to grow plants inside your home or office or add decoration. This bag is equally suitable for use in a nursery. Plants grow well in grow bags because they provide optimum nutrition, prevent weeds, maintain optimum temperature, and promote healthy roots. A grow bag is light and easy to transport. In addition, unlike plastic, it permits air to get to the roots of the plants, preventing the soil from getting soaked. 

Growing indoors can be challenging when space is limited, but SITCO’s Coco Peat grow bags can help fill that gap. Our grow bags enable you to grow plants anywhere while providing them with a fertile environment at the same time. We provide bags of various dimensions to meet all your indoor farming needs.

Specifications of Grow Bag

50*20*4 50*20*11 10.73 1060
60*15*3 60*15*10 8.70 1325
90*15*4 90*15*12 15.66 735
100*22*3 100*22*10 21.78 530
120*15*3 120*15*10 17.4 665


Grow bags are used to grow plants inside homes and office spaces or as a decoration. The size of the grow bags is suitable for apartments and villas and is also quite beautiful when used as office decor. The shortage of outdoor space is the major reason to choose grow bags or coir bags. Our coco peat grow bags ensures that your plants grow in a fertile environment.

We help you enjoy successful indoor farming with our green bags for plants.


  • Ensures optimum level of nutrition
  • Protects the plant from pests and weeds
  • Maintains optimum temperature
  • Enhanced growth of plants
  • Optimal light reception

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