Hessian Clothes From SITCO

Typically, hessian clothes are made from the skins of the jute plant. By combining these fibers with vegetable fibers, you can create a number of different products, such as ropes and nets.  Hessian has a range of textures from an extremely stiff cloth to a much softer cloth. As a result of its versatility, it has become one of the most widely used fibers and has countless uses. 

Among other things, hessian bags can be used to package rice, coffee beans, and potatoes. Hessian sandbags hold large quantities of sand to prevent property damage from flooding. In the horticultural and construction industries, Hessian clothes are used as a cold-weather protective layer to shield materials against adverse weather conditions. Jute fabric’s biodegradable properties allow it to be used in applications that require the item to be recycled. Also provides numerous textile applications, including carpeting.

At SITCO, we offer high-quality Hessian clothes in all styles and colors at an affordable price. The diverse range of colors and patterns available ensures that you’ll find something to fit your personal style. All our products are made with the highest-grade materials and the latest technology to provide optimum strength and durability. Also, our quality controllers test the products on a variety of quality parameters to avoid any flaws.

Hessian clothes are Ideal for

  • Making bags and sacks
  • The wet covering on concrete and cement
  • wrapping shrubs and tree roots


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