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Extracted from the fibrous outer cover of Coconut, coir fiber is effectively used in agriculture, horticulture industries, and households. SITCO delivers high-quality coir fiber which is resistant to rot and saltwater and prevents decaying. It is coarse and stiff making it suitable for the manufacturing mats, brushes, upholstery, carpets, stuffing, etc. Fibers of different lengths are provided according to customer requirements. SITCO also offers a range of white fiber, brown fiber and buffering fiber.


Color natural
Moisture Below 15%
Length Customized as per client requirement


Coir fiber is widely used in automobile upholstery, bedding industry, and soil erosion control. It finds application in the filling of mattresses and cushions and is the material used for coir logs. While the coir textile is used as a blanket to control soil erosion, coir fiber is used in preventing heat transfer. Coir fiber is widely used for the manufacturing of ropes and fishnets.


  • Resist high temperatures
  • Great flexibility and strength
  • Highly durable
  • Resistant to rot and saltwater
  • Prevents heat transfer
  • Prevents decaying