Jute Apparel From SITCO

Jute is a natural, plant-based fabric with multiple advantages.  It can be used for various diversified products including apparel for both functional and fashion purposes. Fabric made of jute is coarse and strong and is among the world’s most useful materials. Furthermore, it is very affordable, readily available, and considered eco-friendly.  

Today, the fashion world is increasingly paying attention to the benefits of jute apparel. The world is appreciating the aesthetic beauty of the fabric, as well as its eco-friendliness. Jute apparels exhibit high tenacity – meaning they withstand a great deal of pressure. Jute fabric is also sound and temperature insulating, as well as antistatic. Further, it is also a highly breathable fabric making it ideal for use in any weather.

In addition to being biodegradable, jute apparel can be reused. Jute clothing is an ecologically friendly type of clothing that appeals to people of all ages. Clothing made from jute fibers is soft and contains no chemicals. Further, it does not irritate the skin and is safe for all to use.  

SITCO is a brand of organic and natural clothing that has style and affordability. All of our garments are made from 100% natural and organic materials with no compromise on quality.  


  • Eco-friendly
  • Cheap

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