Jute Raw Materials from SITCO

Fibres made from jute are among the cheapest natural materials available and are used frequently. Being eco-friendly and recyclable it is a great alternative to plastic.   The material is 100% biodegradable and can be used to make compost for gardens. Fibres made from jute are more durable and resistant to water and weather than those made from wood pulp. They also have the advantage of being re-usable many times. This ensures that jute products last for several years and provide value for money. 

Jute also has great anti-static and insulating properties because of which finds immense use in many industries. Apart from this jute is durable with high tensile strength and is affordable as well. All these qualities make jute a great product for use every day. 

SITCO manufactures jute raw materials of the highest quality and supplies superior jute raw materials across the world. Our offerings include white jute, jute yarn, jute ropes, jute twine, Tossa jute, raw jute and hessian cloths. We use only the finest quality jute for our products, which are all inspected by quality inspectors to make sure they meet industry standards. As an industry leader in quality, we make sure we deliver your products in excellent shape.


  • Crocheting
  • textiles
  • knitting
  • shopping bags
  • wall coverings
  • handicrafts
  • embroidery

Specifications of Jute Raw Materials

Jute Raw Materials (Olitorius jute)

Ultimate Cells
Length (mm): 0.8-6.0
Breadth (µm): 5-25
Aspect ratio: 110

Single Fiber

Gravimetric fineness (tex): 1.25-5
Tenacity (g/tex): 30-50
Extension at break (%): 1.0-2.0
Initial modulus (g/tex): 1170-1980
Modulus of Rigidity ( 10 3 GPa): 0.25-1.3
Flexural rigidity (10 -9 N.m 2 ): 3.0-6.0

Fibre Bundle

Tenacity (g/tex): 13-35
Density (g/cm 3 ): 1.45
Moisture regain (%) at 65% RH: 12.0
Moisture regain (%) at 100% RH: 36.0

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