Jute Textile From SITCO

Jute Textiles are made from the jute plant and offer countless benefits. Due to its coarse texture, jute is not considered suitable for clothing applications. However, jute is ideal for industrial applications because of its roughness and strength. In addition to its capacity to absorb water, jute dries quickly and stands up well to stains and abrasions, and is biodegradable. 

Although there are jute fibres available in a variety of colours, most types are light brown. The white forms of jute are generally inferior to brown ones, but white jute can be used for apparel purposes. Jute is extremely breathable yet doesn’t naturally retain heat, making it a great fabric for hot and humid climates. 

SITCO is among the leading manufacturers of high-quality jute textile products. We offer a wide range of captivating, fashionable, and luxurious jute textiles. And the best part – they’re affordable! When it comes to jute fabrics, we have the perfect solution with our high-quality, sturdy and affordable jute fabrics that fit into the latest trends. With SITCO’s jute textile, you are offered a choice of colours and styles at an affordable price. Our jute textiles are in high demand among customers because of their affordable price and modern style.

Features Jute Textiles

  • low thermal conductivity
  • eco-friendly
  • insulating
  • high tensile strength
  • comfortable

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