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Kidney Beans get the name from its kidney like shape. These beans are reddish-brown, with soft and creamy flesh. Both dried and can varieties of kidney beans are available. The kidney beans absorb the flavor well and enhance the taste of seasoning and other ingredients making it an excellent choice for stews, salads, and many simmered dishes.


Foreign Matter 0.2% max
Contrasting seed 0.2% max
Under size seed 2% max
Broken 2.5% max
Moisture 14% max
Purity 93.8%
Impurities 6.2% max

Benefits of kidney beans:

  • Kidney beans are high in protein and are a tasty choice for vegetarians looking for plant-based protein.
  • They are also rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibers, and many other beneficial plant compounds.
  • These beans provide many health benefits like regulating the blood sugar levels, promoting colon health, and aiding in weight loss