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Personal protection equipment comprises of the garments that protect the wearer from infection or injury and includes the clothing, head cover, face mask, and hand gloves. These are mostly used in health care settings and also in situations where there is an outbreak of infectious diseases like COVID 19.
To fight COVID 19, we need a good supply of personal protection equipment. SITCO bridges the supply gap by delivering high-quality personal protection equipment.

Our range of PPE products are:

  • Coverall
  • Hood
  • Face shield mask
  • Shoe cover
  • Hand gloves


  • Disposable, single-use Liquid penetration Resistant Coverall Gown (coverall) & hood, suitable for infection prevention. Protective seams provide a barrier equal to the fabric.
  • Gown designed with sleeves, for front protection with complete closure from the back and wrap around waist ties. Elasticated cuffs. Knee height.
  • Coverall is made of fabric that is preventive against Viral penetration and is impermeable to blood & body fluids.

Hood (headcover- transparent helmet mask)

  • Liquid penetration resistant transparent Hood with Surgical mask. Cape hood covering full neck & parts of shoulders. Made of clear plastic & provide good visibility to both wearer & patient.
  • Comes with a flexible headband to attach firmly around the head and fit snuggly around the forehead.
  • It may be reusable (made of a material that can be cleaned or disinfected)

Face shield Mask

  • Respiratory viruses target mainly the upper & lower respiratory tracts. Hence protecting the airway from the particulate matter generated by droplets prevents human infection. The droplet/airborne precautions using masks are crucial while dealing with a suspect or a confirmed case of COVID 19.
  • We are providing a triple layer disposable medical mask, provide protection to the wearer from droplets of infectious material emitted during coughing/sneezing/talking.

Shoe Cover

  • Made of impermeable fabric to be used overshoes to facilitate personal protection & decontamination.
  • Made of the same fabric as the coverall

Hand Gloves

Nitrile Gloves that resist chemicals. When a person touches a contaminated object/surface and then touches his own eyes, face etc, he may get exposed to the virus, hence care should be exercised while handling objects/surfaces that are potentially contaminated.