PR 11 Golden Sella from SITCO

SITCO produces and exports PR 11 Golden Sella rice, which is of the highest quality. Rice of this type is popular throughout the world due to its high nutritional value and ease of preparation. This product will keep well for a long time and can be stored at room temperature. It is rich in carbohydrates and is easy to cook. Moreover, it has a distinctive flavour, aroma, and appearance. It is used in making a wide array of dishes, such as biriyani, spicy rice, plain rice, and fried rice. 

With stringent quality monitoring methods utilized throughout the entire production cycle, SITCO continuously maintains consistent product quality and consistency in its manufacturing processes. We continually assess our production quality and refine our processes to meet these high standards. Our PR 11 Golden Sella has been refined, polished, and packed by experts with over 18 years of experience. Its unmatched aroma, flavor, and texture make it the ideal addition to any recipe or dish.


Average Length max 6.80- 6.95 mm
black grains 1% max
Damage & Discolored 2% max
Moisture 14% max
Foreign Matter 1% max
Paddy Kernels 0.5% max

Specialities of Our PR 11 Golden Sella Rice

  • Easy to cook
  • Energy packed with carbohydrates
  • Excellent taste and enticing aroma
  • Rich in nutrients and good for health
  • Cultivated and processed according to industry standards
  • Hygienically packed¬†
  • Free of artificial preservatives and chemicals

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