Pusa Golden

The Pusa Golden Sella variety of Basmati rice is a popular hybrid that provides both value and great taste. It has a pleasant aroma when cooked. Also, the grains have a long shape. The fiber content of whole-grain products is beneficial for weight loss and provides energy. Whole grain products provide energy while satisfying carbohydrate cravings. It contains fiber, which is important for weight control because it helps you feel full faster and stay fuller for longer periods of time.

SITCO brings the best quality Pusa Golden Sella basmati rice. This is one of the most popular rice varieties worldwide. This hybrid variety of basmati rice is a perfect combination of taste and value making it one of the best food choices. The Pusa Golden Sella Basmati Rice is your top choice if you’re looking for the best variety and best price. Rice of this variety is easy to cook and yields flavorful and consistent results. It is perfect for Indian cuisine and many other popular dishes. This long, slender rice is a classic favorite for its mild flavor and variety of health benefits.

Specifications of Pusa Golden Sella

Average Length 7.55mm(min)
Moisture 13% Maximum
Broken 1% Maximum
Sortex 100% Clean
Discolor & Damage 1% Maximum


  • Long grains and enticing aroma
  • High fiber content and good for health
  • Aids in digestion
  • Diabetic friendly
  • Exotic taste
  • Hygienically manufactured and packed

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