Pusa White Basmati Rice

Among India’s rice varieties, Pusa White Sella rice is the most popular. It is nutritionally superior to other varieties of rice and has a distinctive flavor. The Pusa White Sella rice is higher in protein, vitamins, and minerals than other types of rice. Furthermore, gluten-sensitive individuals can digest it, as it’s easier on the stomach. In addition to being highly nutritious, our White Sella rice is processed according to world-class standards. High levels of nutrients make it healthy for consumption. This product has a long shelf life, is easy to prepare, and has great taste and flavor. Additionally, it doesn’t contain fat, is easily digestible, and healthy. 

SITCO is renowned for its top-quality White Sella rice. It is widely acclaimed for its excellent taste and appealing fragrance. It has high nutritional values that make it highly beneficial for the health of an individual. We have been supplying superior rice grains for more than 18 years and adhere to stringent quality standards in our manufacturing process. All our products are free of chemicals and preservatives and are 100% organic. 

Specifications of Pusa White Rice

Average Length 7.55 mm (min)
Moisture 13% Maximum
Broken 1% Maximum
Sortex 100% Clean
Discolor & Damage 1% Maximum


  • High in nutrition
  • Longer shelf life
  • Amazing taste and flavor
  • Easy to cook
  • Digests fast
  • Affordable

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