Rapid Diagnostic Kits

At SBL-SITCO we work every day to provide the most innovative and technologically advanced diagnostic test kits. Rapid diagnostic tests are the first step in diagnostic tests and are used to diagnose a variety of health conditions quickly. Every kit we produce is thoroughly researched and tested for quality. These kits are designed for preliminary or emergency medical examinations and can be utilized by healthcare facilities with limited resources. 

A wide range of rapid diagnostic devices and kits are manufactured by SBL for use across all regions. Our products will allow doctors to diagnose illnesses efficiently, quickly, and most importantly, accurately with no hassle at all. We offer a comprehensive diagnostic solution to meet all of your needs! Our Rapid Diagnostic Kits can detect and identify signs of the infection quickly.

Modern healthcare relies heavily on rapid diagnostics. Routine diagnostic procedures are costly and time-consuming and can result in unwanted delays in diagnosing the cause of illness. Using our kits, you can get the best results quickly and easily. The kits allow you to quickly detect the presence of a pathogen, and you begin treatment immediately. In the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, our rapid test kits enable healthcare providers to detect infections and implement treatment before they have serious consequences.

Features of Rapid Diagnostic Kits

  • CFDA Approved
  • CE Approved
  • Point of Care Test
  • 99% accuracy
  • Results on Spot within 15 minutes
  • Cost-effective
  • NMPA Certified
  • Easy to read

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