SITCO Ilmenite

Ilmenite is composed of titanium and iron oxides.  Throughout the world, it can be found in igneous rocks, sediments, and sedimentary rocks. This mineral is the source of titanium, a metal used in high-performance alloys. The main use of this in the world is to make titanium dioxide, which is found in paints, fabrics, paper, sunscreen, and cosmetics. Magnesium and manganese are the most common elements in ilmenite. Magnetite inclusions may cause ilmenite to be weakly magnetic. When titanium is combined with certain metals, a durable, high-strength, lightweight alloy is produced, which is used to manufacture a range of high-performance tools and parts such as aircraft parts and sporting equipment. Titanium dioxide can also be used to make powders with tightly controlled particle sizes. In a variety of processes, including rock tumbling, cabbing, and faceting, these powders are used as inexpensive polishing abrasives.

SITCO is a leading supplier of Ilmenite across the globe. We produce it in high-quality at cost-effective pricing. Our Ilmenite is directly obtained from the world’s best mines, ensuring the highest quality possible for our customers. Using our expertise and experience, we are able to produce any grade of this for your specifications.

Applications of Ilmenite

  • Making aircraft parts
  • Manufacturing titanium oxide
  • Making bicycle frames
  • Artificial human joints


  • High quality
  • Pure
  • Cheap
  • Laboratory tested

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