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The red lentils and yellow lentils cook fast and take only 15-20 minutes. It gives a bright color and a sweet, nutty flavor to the dishes. From 1/2 cup uncooked red lentils, one can get 40mg calcium, 22g protein, 10g fiber, 600mg potassium, and 6mg iron. Lentils are used in salads and soups. The green lentil gives a peppery flavor while the brown lentil provides an earthy flavor. For dishes with long cooking time, the green lentil is usually preferred as it holds the shape.


  • Low in calories and rich in protein, iron, and folate
  • Packed with health-promoting poly phenol’s reducing several
    risks of heart disease
  • The lentils cook fast in 15–20 minutes

Specifications of Lentils


Moisture: 14-15% 
Admixture: 1%
Impurities: 1%
Color: red in colour