Silica sands are the most abundant sands in nature. It is primarily composed of silica and oxygen.  Chemically, it is available in both quartz and opal forms. The material has a high melting point. It has unique characteristics such as void ratio, soundness, weight, etc. This makes it ideal for many purposes. Typically, It is used for industrial blasting. In addition, it is commonly used for water filtration. The production of glass utilizes it as a major ingredient. It is also used in both artificial and natural sports fields. Paints and coatings contain this in order to improve their overall look, while ceramic products including tableware, floor tiles, wall tiles, and more are constructed and glazed with silica. The bulk of concrete is made from silica sand. 

SITCO delivers silica sand that has little to no clay, silt, or organic matter. As a supplier and exporter of Silica, we deliver high-quality silica sand to a large range of industries at unbeatable prices.  We offer fast, reliable, and cost-efficient delivery. Whether it is quality service or competitive pricing, we guarantee to exceed your expectations every time.

Applications of Silica Sand

  • Hydraulic fracturing process
  • Paint industry
  • Glassmaking
  • Polishing and grinding
  • Blasting
  • Building products
  • Construction
  • Ceramic material


  • Great compression strength
  • Highly elastic
  • Pure
  • Smooth hydraulic fracturing

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