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Star anise is native to China and is a seed pod taken from the fruit of Illicium verum. The beautiful pod has a star shape and has a flavor similar to licorice because of the presence of anethole. It is widely used in traditional Chinese recipes, garam masala, and spiced tea for its distinct flavor. It also provides many health benefits.


Moisture 13.5% max
Admixture 1% max
Broken 10% max
Appearance No fungus

Benefits of Star Anise

  • The oil extracted from star anise has terpineol, thymol, and anethole. This makes it useful for treating flu and cough.
  • Anise also improves digestion, reduces nausea, and alleviates cramps.
  • A cup of star anise tea after meals treats digestive ailments and relieves gas, bloating, and constipation.