Ventilators are machines that help patients with breathing difficulty to breathe freely. It delivers breath to the patient by pumping oxygen into the lungs and removing the carbon dioxide using a tube. In most cases, these are used either as standalone units during anaesthesia or in-home care, intensive care medicine, and emergency medicine. It is used to treat patients suffering from conditions such as pneumonia and stroke. Failure of mechanical ventilation systems can have fatal consequences. Thus, it is necessary to take precautions to ensure that they are highly reliable.

SITCO is a recognized supplier of intensive care ventilators. These ventilators are easy to operate and meet all clinical needs. Designed to offer high performance and exceptionally low maintenance costs, our ventilators are the optimal choice for you. Our ventilators are designed for patient safety, feature advanced technologies, and are user-friendly. This device can be used in paediatrics, neonates, and adults for intensive care and transport.

COVID-19 has brought a sudden surge in the demand for ventilators as these are crucial to support the affected patients in respiratory distress and deliver them life-saving oxygen. To battle the outbreak, we require high-quality and reliable ventilators to save lives. SITCO is here to match the huge demand with a constant supply of multi-purpose ventilators.

SITCO- Your Trusted Source for Reliable Ventilators

SITCO delivers ventilators that use proven technology and can be used even in harsh environments.

SITCO Medical Export

Features of SITCO Ventilators

  • Fully electrically driven
  • Works without gas
  • Proven technology
  • Can be used with a wide variety of anaesthesia circuits
  • Low maintenance
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Low cost
  • Visible bellow
  • Easy to set and user-friendly
  • Minimum input and output connection
  • Tropicalized design


Operational Parameters
Operating Modes
Set Parameters
Breaths Per Minute 6 – 60 BPM
Tidal Volume 50 – 1100 cc
I: E Ratio 4: 1 – 1: 4
Inspiration Time 0.07 – 3.5 secs
Pressure Trigger 1 to 15cm of H2O
Circuit Connectivity Open-loop, Closed-loop, Bain- Circuit
Unit Malfunction
Low Inlet Volume
Excessive Inlet Gas Flow
Insufficient Inlet Gas Flow
High Inspiratory Pressure
Power failure
Tube disconnection
Display 22×4 LCD Display for Indications
Inlet / Outlet Gas
Input Connection 22 mm Female port for gas intake
Output Connection 22 mm Male port for gas intake
Input Supply 220/240 volts,50/60 Hz AC
Dimensions 485(L) X 290 (W)X 250(H) mm
Weight 12 Kgs
Basic Breating Circuit ( Sinle Use ) Trolley (Optional )
Patient Valve – Fish Mouth Type ( Reusable ) UPS (Optional )
Power Code PEEP VALVE (Optional)
Spare Uses Paediatric Circuit (Optional )

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