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Cardamom is an intense spice with a slightly sweet flavor of Indian origin. Today the whole world welcomes it for its flavor and medicinal properties. Cardomom is compared to the mint of its strong flavor and is used in sweet recipes as well as savory ones. Cardamom oil, seeds, and extracts find wide use in traditional medicines.


Moisture 9% max
Color Deep green, Fast green
Foreign matter 2% max
Ash 8% max
Acid Insoluble ash – 1.5% Max
Origin India

Benefits of cardamom:

  • Lowers blood pressure due to the diuretic and antioxidant properties
  • Has a protective effect against cancer
  • Is anti-inflammatory and provides protection from chronic diseases
  • Aids digestion and helps with digestion issues like ulcers.
  • Prevents cavities and treats bad breath