Jute is undoubtedly the best material for making reusable grocery bag. In addition to the stronger, greener, and longer-lasting features of jute bags, the jute plant offers many other ecological advantages. In contrast to plastic bag, which remains intact for prolonged periods of time while creating great environmental hazards, jute bag and other products are biodegradable. Moreover, jute is a natural plant fibre that can be stitched into most shapes and sizes. 

Raw jute plants do not require much fertilizer, pesticides/herbicides to grow. This reduces the environmental impact of raw jute. Jute’s high tensile strength and low extensibility make it a popular material. It can complement other fibres, both synthetic and natural while taking on cellulosic dyes such as sulfur and natural dyes to create harmonious patterns. Jute bags are also used in many industries because of their toughness. It’s common to ship grains, building materials, and other bulk products in a jute bag. 

The jute bags made by us are eco-friendly and stylish. There are different types of this product, including those in different sizes, shapes, and colours. We offer products and ensure value for money. Our jute bag are hand-crafted at our factory by skilled craftsmen to deliver only the best for our clients.

Features of Jute Bags

  • Customizable
  • eco-friendly
  • high-durability
  • cheap and attractive
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