Coir Ropes

Coir is a long-lasting natural fibre extracted from coconut. It is extracted from unripe and ripe coconuts and is becoming more available, commercially diverse, and more highly produced as well. Coir ropes are growing in popularity internationally due to the natural, biodegradable, and durable fibres it contains. Coir has high abrasion and also offers resistance to saltwater. As a result, coir ropes are widely used in making fishing nets and in the marine industry. These ropes are also commonly used in households and in industries to secure items. Additionally, it can also be used for lifting and dragging heavy objects, and even for climbing and hanging from tall structures. 

SITCO manufactures and supplies durable and biodegradable coir ropes with high tensile strength. Our ropes are friction-resistant, rigid, and do not break easily. We offer both twisted and braided coconut ropes. Our braided ropes are extremely useful and are available in single, double, hollow, and solid braids. We deliver ropes in assorted sizes according to specifications and manufacture them with the most advanced coir rope-making machine. Further, our products are made using the finest coir and are delivered to customers only after stringent quality checks and guarantee value for money.

Specifications Coir Ropes

Colour Brown
Twisting Automatic spinning machines
Ply 2, 3 ply
Moisture Less than 18%
Diameter 2mm – 8mm
Packing Spooling, bundle


Coir ropes are widely used in industries and households for fastening. It is also used as a support while climbing or hanging from tall structures for cleaning or other purposes and also to lift and drag heavy objects.


  • Long-lasting
  • High strength
  • Weather resistance
  • High tensile strength
  • Longer working life
  • Good quality
  • Bio-degradable
  • Eco-friendly

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