Non Basmati Rice: The Best Choice for Your Diet

Are you searching for a delicious variety of rice you can add to your daily meals? Basmati is just
one type of rice. Are you familiar with red rice, white rice, jasmine rice, and more? In this
article, you will learn about the different types of non-basmati rice and their health benefits.

A staple food for many people, rice has been eaten throughout the world for thousands of
years. There are many different kinds of rice, each with its own characteristics. It comes in a
variety of sizes and has multiple textures, including fluffy, creamy, and sticky. Additionally, rice
comes in a variety of colors, including brown, white, and red. Health benefits, however, vary
according to the type of rice. According to their shapes, sizes, textures, and other
characteristics, each variety of rice is suitable for different types of dishes and cooking
methods. Despite the fact that there are many rice varieties, most people place emphasis on
basmati and non-basmati rice.
Continue reading to find out more about the different kinds of non-basmati rice and how it
benefits your health.

What is Non-Basmati Rice?

There are 10000 varieties of rice in the world. Out of this, non-basmati rice is any rice that is not
basmati rice. You can find it in all kinds of different sizes and shapes. There are long and thin
ones, as well as short and thick ones. Besides, the qualities of this rice differ widely from
basmati rice. India is the major producer of non-basmati rice and has exported 1,30,95,130.21
MT to the world in 2020-21.
There are many ways to prepare non-basmati rice, which provides a palatable taste to different
recipes. This rice contains amylopectin, a starchy substance that causes stickiness. The grains of
rice stick together after they are cooked, making them suitable for a number of dishes.

Basmati Rice vs Non-Basmati Rice: What is the Difference?

Basmati and non-basmati rice are popular across the world. However, the two types differ in
their characteristics.

● Basmati rice is long grain rice. Non-basmati rice, on the other hand, is available in a
variety of shapes and sizes- long, thin, thick, or even rounded.

● There is a difference between the two when it comes to aroma. The aroma of basmati
rice is released during cooking, whereas non-basmati rice does not have any unique

● After cooking, the size of basmati rice increases by nearly two times. Non-basmati rice
does not elongate on cooking.

● Aside from its pleasant aroma and good taste, basmati rice also has many nutritional
benefits. Brown basmati rice is popular among health-conscious people because of its
ability to maintain body weight. Even though non-basmati rice differs in properties, it
also has its own set of health benefits.

Health Benefits of Non-Basmati Rice

Non-basmati rice is nutritionally rich and carries many health benefits. Here are the top
benefits you can gain by including non-basmati rice in your daily diet.

● Gluten free – People who suffer from gluten sensitivity can safely use non-basmati rice
as it doesn't contain gluten. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory properties, which are
beneficial to our bodies.

● Improves nervous system – Rice is the best food for improving your nervous system.
Our nervous system is extremely dependent on vitamin B. Biologically; it supports
neurotransmitters that regulate body functions. Rice is the best source of vitamin B. As a
result, eating rice daily as part of your meals will help keep your nervous system in good

● Great source of energy -Glucose is one of the main sources of fuel for the human body
and this comes from carbohydrates. Our bodies turn carbohydrates-rich foods into good
carbohydrates, which provide us with energy to carry out a variety of tasks.
Carbohydrates are abundant in rice. As a result, our brain is able to function properly as
well as get energy. Additionally, rice contains vitamins and minerals which aid in
increasing our metabolic rate.

● Aids in digestion – By consuming more rice in your daily meal, your digestive system is
likely to work fine, allowing you to eliminate digestive issues. The high fibre content of
rice prevents constipation.

● Natural diuretic – Rice acts as a natural diuretic and helps remove extra fluid from the
body. It is particularly good for people with blood pressure issues. Eating rice will also
benefit your kidneys. Since rice helps eliminate water, you will urinate more frequently
and have less uric acid as a result.

Non-Basmati Rice Varieties: The Best Alternatives to Basmati Rice

SITCO, a leading non-basmati rice supplier, offers a wide array of non-basmati rice to serve the
needs of diverse cuisines across the world. We cultivate and process the best quality rice and
deliver it according to the client specifications. Our popular non-basmati rice varieties are
elaborated below:

The Palakkadan Matta Rice or Rosematta Rice is native to Palakkad district, Kerala. The Matta

rice contains high levels of nutrients. This rice adds distinctive flavor, color, and taste to your

dishes. There are two types of matta rice: long and short. Long matta is called Vadi, while short

matta is Unda. It is widely known in Kerala and Sri Lanka for its taste. Further, Palakkadan Matta

rice has been the favorite rice of Indian royal families for centuries.

The red pericarps of Matta Rice provide extra nutrition and fiber content. Additionally, Matta
Rice contains Vitamin B6, which helps to balance RBCs in the blood. It is also a rich source of
nutrients like Magnesium, Calcium, and Vitamins. It controls cholesterol and lowers the risk of
cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, it is fat-free and can lower obesity. It is also effective
against asthma.
We deliver Palakkadan Matta Rice of highest quality to our esteemed customers. Our process
does not use any chemicals or pesticides and guarantees good health.

Boiled rice is the perfect way to infuse your meals with delicious flavors
while reducing the carbohydrates. Known for its light texture and fragrant taste, parboiled Jaya
Rice is low in starch and has a light flavor. As a result of its cleanliness and lack of
contamination, it is highly demanded. In addition, Jaya rice has a lot of fiber and is easily
digested. Being a source of quick energy Parboiled Rice is a good choice to meet the energy
requirements of growing children. At the same time, the low carbohydrate content makes it
safe for people with diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension.

We grow and cultivate excellent quality non-basmati parboiled Rice using organic fertilizers and
modern tools. Our rice is well-milled and carries a rich taste, aroma, and texture. It is double
polished and has a smooth finish. Our products are processed in hygienic facilities and meet
international quality standards.

SITCO cultivates and exports rice of top-quality PR 11 Steam Rice. The rice is
a non-basmati variety and has long grains. You can use it to prepare fried rice or biriyani among
other dishes. Additionally, it minimizes nutrient loss, making it a healthy choice. Being high in
carbohydrates, it is an excellent source of energy. Besides, this rice variety has a delicious and
irresistible flavour. We specialize in supplying PR11 Steam Rice, which is of optimum quality and is durable. This
rice has long grains and is shiny in appearance. Besides being of the utmost quality that we
offer, our rice is packaged in moisture-proof containers at the most competitive prices. Further,
we follow organic farming to ensure product quality and safety.

SITCO cultivates and exports high-quality PR11 White Sella Rice around the
world. This rice variety has many benefits making it the most sought-after rice. Besides having
large grains, it is also aromatic and very healthy. A good source of nutrition, it is free of
impurities. Additionally, the rice has extra long grains. It is easy to prepare, has a rich taste, and
is of excellent quality.

PR 11 White Sella does not stick after cooking. Since it is rich in carbohydrates, White Sella is an
excellent source of energy. Our PR 11 White Sella Rice is processed under the cleanest facilities
under expert supervision.

SITCO manufactures and exports PR 11 Golden Sella rice of the highest
quality. Rice of this kind is favored around the world due to its ease of preparation and high
nutritional content. It can be stored at room temperature for a long time and has a long shelf
life. The rice cooks easily and is rich in carbohydrates. Our rice is known for its flavor, aroma,
and size. It is widely used in making biriyani, spicy rice, plain rice, and fried rice. We offer
Golden Sella rice that is cultivated and manufactured according to the highest quality

PR 11 Raw rice from SITCO is popular both nationally and internationally. The
grains are medium and thick in size, and it has a white color. In addition to not sticking
together, the cooked rice absorbs the flavor of spices and has an amazing aroma. The rice we
provide is processed in hygienic conditions and has a long shelf life. It is nutrient-rich and an
excellent source of carbohydrates, protein, Vitamin B, and iron.

The Raw Rice that we provide is extremely renowned for its tempting taste. We process Long
Grain Non-Basmati Rice under highly hygienic conditions to ensure unmatched rice quality.
Moreover, our rice is fully grown to ensure that your dishes are delicious and there is no

We Export superior quality Long Grain White Raw Rice 5%
Broken. It has been grown organically, and it has been properly cleaned before packing. It has
long shelf life and a high lasting fragrance. Our long grain non-basmati rice is nutrient-rich and
comes with excellent taste to suit any cuisine. We ensure hygienic packing and affordable

Through a careful production process, we offer our customers 100% Broken
Rice of the highest quality. Broken rice is rice whose grains have been broken during milling. In
addition to breaking into fragments during milling, grains also fragment prior to and after the
process in transit. Our rice is sortex clean, double-polished, and hygienically packed. It is rich in
taste and of the best quality.

Sona Masoori is medium-grain, light and aromatic rice that
originates from a cross of Sona and Mahsuri. It is primarily grown in the Indian states of Andhra
Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. Sona Masuri is an excellent rice variety used for preparing
delicious dishes. SITCO offers both raw and steamed Sona Masoori Rice of high quality. It lends
your meal an exotic flavor and aroma. We cultivate the rice using organic farming and
processed using high-end technology.


There are many benefits to non-basmati rice. By preventing hunger cravings, it keeps you full
for longer. It has a low GI that helps to manage blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol. Non-
basmati rice that has been parboiled provides a good source of minerals and is very good for
the body. Contact our Sales Division if you are seeking a reliable supplier of high-quality non-
basmati rice. We are a leading non-basmati rice exporter and guarantee quality, timely delivery.
Further, we offer the most competitive non-basmati price. You can place your order for non-
basmati rice online and our team will assist you promptly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between basmati and non-basmati rice?

Both basmati rice and non-basmati rice are a staple food across the world. However, basmati
rice comes with a unique fragrance and elongates to twice its size on cooking. Non-basmati rice
does not have any aroma while cooking. Besides, it does not elongate and has a sticky texture
once it is cooked.

2. What is the difference between boiled rice and basmati rice?

In general, the cooking process is the same, but the nutritional value varies. Basmati rice is
higher in calories and carbs. However, the carbohydrates are low in boiled rice as the starch is
removed during boiling.

3. Which rice is better than basmati?

The choice of rice depends on its health benefits. If you are calories conscious boiled rice would
be a good choice. However, basmati rice is perfect for flavour and taste. Many people prefer
jasmine rice over basmati rice because of its health benefits and nutty flavour.

4. What is the healthiest type of rice?

Black rice has high levels of antioxidants and is a healthy choice. This rice also carries a good
amount of nutrients.

5. Which non-basmati rice is exported from India?

India exports many varieties of non-basmati rice to countries like Nepal, UAE, US, Guinea, and
Somalia. Some of the popular varieties of non-basmati rice export from India are Sona Masoori,
Kerala Matta Rice, Parboiled Jaya Rice, and Golden Sella Rice.